What Style of Nail Art Should Be Used in Autumn?

There are some colors that are especially present in autumns, such as burgundy, blue, military green, and rust, and the warm tones of the changeable leaves and apple orchards. And these shades will always make for classic manicures. But just because they’ll never go out of style doesn’t mean you have to stick with them and just them, and with some of our favorite fall nail art ideas, you definitely don’t need to use just one at a time.

With talented nail artists and salons frequented by celebrities sharing inspiring designs on Instagram every day, and beloved nail polish brands constantly churning out amazing new colors, there’s no shortage of manicure ideas to add to your fall list of ideas and inspirations including the ones you have feel confident doing it yourself.

My Instagram exploration page is full of abstract manicures where each look is unique and perfected in its own way or very simple, classic looks with a twist, like a French manicure using neon colors.

Lines and dots are the easiest DIY art to create, as long as you have the right tools. So always have good materials on hand to make your dream nails, such as good toothpicks to create dots, makeup sponges for marbling, and a fine eyeliner brush or brush to create stripes.

Below, you’ll find different ways to use timeless and amazing shades, as well as do-it-yourself-friendly designs if you’re ready to go back to your favorite nail salon and create styles that demand a professional touch.

Black & White Tortoiseshell

Tortoise nails have been a thing for a while now, and there’s no sign that the trend is slowing down, although we fully understand if you’re ready for a new trend this fall.

Skittles Mani

The easiest way to do nail art in autumn? Use all the autumnal shades you can put your paws on at once. Become the Betina Goldstein nail artist and try out these shades from the new Essie Expressive fall collection.

Pure white

White nail polish looks great on any skin tone, but make it a little cozier for fall by trying a whitish hue like Nailtopia on Sunday Funday.

Two tones

The easiest way to make Nail Art look and feel without doing any extra work? Paint one hand a shadow and the other a different color. This combination can be with a creamier and a more earthy one. This transition is perfect for autumn.


While a Chanel or Hermes bag might be a little over budget, at least your nails can dangle those iconic logos.

Graphic Glimmer

Cartoon “sparkles” are a fun way to play with glitter without making too much of a mess. However, this is best left to the professionals, but with a steady hand, it can be done at home.

Little daisies

If you like to decorate your nails with flowers, why not choose little daisies? They will keep a smile on their face even when the temperature drops.

Splatter Paint

Neon might not be your first thought when you hear the words “fall nail trends,” but think about how cute it will look in neutral tones and jeans. Your mood will improve 100% with even more vibrant nails.

New Nudes

We all know that “nude” doesn’t mean beige. Find a nude that works for you and put on a super shiny overcoat for a look that will never go out of style. And after that, you’ll find yourself so attached to the nude that you’ll never choose another color to decorate your nails on a daily basis.

Vintage florals

How cute are these retro-inspired flowers? That is, its imperfect shape makes it easier to make it yourself at home.

What idea can’t you wait to paint your nails?

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