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Must-Have Sandals for Summer 2021

Every epoch, there’s plenty of sandal styles that outmoded the rest. Customers are searching for pairs that provide a balance between practical and over-the-top, something that is cool with a comfy heel.

Limitless Choices

With the numerous articles on different platforms and the worldwide collection of runway statements, it is hard to keep up with the must-try pieces of the season, particularly those you’re hoping will last beyond the bargain season. Before you rush to the mall or engage in any online shopping sites, here’s for you to ponder… Do I want pairs that I can wear every single day or something that I can slide in every now and then? That will help you identify the “need to buy” and “want to buy items”, and it will surely save you from splurging your hard-earned bucks! More practical styles include anything of the slip-on  variation, but you can always add that wow factor                                                                      with the use of your imagination.

Featured Shoes: Sophia Webster

Trees, Breeze, and Sunshine

Just imagining your legs and toes exposed in the open air has never been so appealing, and it appears a number of people are planning in advance and ready to go. Chunky sandals, strappy styles, and mules to name a few are staples and never run out of season. Something you want to wear to every forthcoming outdoor kaffeeklatsch. Better be ready to avoid panic dressing and rounding up your closet will update you on what you have, it will make the mix and matching easier for you without sacrificing the glam.

Hollow Out Criss Flip Flops Flat Sandals

Prep Up, Prep Up, and Prep Up!

Yes, you need a nail salon. Yes, you will probably do a gruesome job of it at home if you try it on your own (scary). Some may even try ignoring their toenails and ramp their sandals (Oh please don’t do that…). These are essential preparations as well before we hit the catwalk wearing our glitzy finds. Having said that, a good and relaxing nail service is a must before you slip in your new pairs or even your over-the-closet haul treasures. Besides, nothing more compliments trendy sandals than cute, tidy, and blushing feet.

Why I Used To Hate My Feet

Does It Really Matter?

There are far more important things I’m hoping for this year, however, a lot of them seem far and beyond reality. So as ridiculous as it may appear, looking forward to a new sandal trend at least feels possible and even more electrifying than it has in years past. I’ve never been one to turn down a new pair of sandals, they are the thing I look forward to wearing most when the climate turns and this season won’t be an exemption, as the wide and bewitching variety on offer is sufficient to tempt even the most loyal sneaker wearer. Even if my fancy flip-flops, box-fresh boots, or vintage kitten heels only get as far as around the block for my next-door-neighbor to appreciate, that will be just enough for me. Hotter climes and exotic escapades may have to wait, but these sandals are always ready for them.

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