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Which Type of Clothes Are Suitable for Outdoor Cycling and Mountain Climbing?



Cycling is a very fun sport: when we hop on a bike, it is as if we are about to go for a little trip. I have heard of many people who have travelled to entire states or the entire world on a bike, but this person is not me, who can barely make a few kilometres within my city. Obviously, to do all this, like any sport, you need the correct sports dresses to avoid unnecessary fatigue and pain that no one has ever required!

So let’s start with the use of a sportswear Bra, to which, however, we must always add some limb protectors in order to be safe in the case of fall. I prefer to have my arms free during a cycling session, to allow my body to breathe as much as possible, thus avoiding sweating too much, so that when you pick up speed and therefore the air that reaches you increase during for example a descent, you will have lower risk of incur a fever!

Obviously, if I find the use of a product that avoids perspiration perfect for the upper part, the same goes for the lower part, where I prefer to wear both long and short shorts. The state of comfort wearing such a suit is optimal in every way you look at it, because the parts of the body that make the most effort, which are the thighs, are in a warm place and protected from any kind of tear or pain, but at the same time our body is not put in a state of absolute heat that creates sweat everywhere: simply perfect!

Mountain climbing

If on the first occasion we could afford to be a little more undressed, during a sport climbing we can’t afford this luxury at all. Why not? The question is very simple. During a climb you are in close contact with nature, and therefore the risks of running into some cuttings or grass that might have thorns are many, because you never know what to expect from nature. So in this case it is much better for you to choose a sportswear suit that covers every single centimetre of your body, leaving only your hands uncovered, on which you have to wear gloves, and your face!

So instead of a sport bra, this time it is better to choose a long-sleeved shirt, and instead of a pair of shorts, it is better to opt for long trousers. Another thing to pay attention to is the fabric you are going to choose, which you have to pay a lot of attention to, as it has to be a very strong fabric that is resistant to any kind of effort required, and not one that tears as soon as you lean on the first stone.  

Please pay a lot of attention to these very important details and never forget your protections, I’m sure that with the products you will find linked you will feel super comfortable and with the right garments to face both cycling and mountain climbing!

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