After burning underwear in a drunken tank of a cruise ship, the man was detained in Åland

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Three people were taken to the hospital to inhale the smoke after the incident, but were found to have not been harmed.

According to police in the Aland Islands, a drunken man on the Virgin cruise on the Viking route tried to ignite his underwear on fire on Tuesday night, while he was being held in a cell for unruly passengers.

Earlier in the cruise, the man in his 50s who had no fixed address in Finland was detained by the crew for drunkenness and was taken to the cell to wake up.

On Tuesday night, Cinderella is heading from Stockholm, Sweden, to Mariehamn, the capital of Åland, an autonomous Finnish archipelago province. When the cruise arrived at Mariehamn, the man was handed over to the local police.

According to Christopher Alvers of the Oran police, in the ship’s control facility, the man reportedly tried to burn his underwear.

The smoke detector is activated by burning underwear. The crew extinguished the flame with a fire extinguisher.

The three crew members who inhaled the smoke were taken to a local hospital for examination but they were not found to have been harmed. Everyone is starting work again.

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“In this case, there is no serious damage to the ship or to the ship to the hospital, but it is always dangerous to ignite the fire on board,” Ahlfors told Yle’s Swedish service.

The police are investigating the incident. The man was suspected of sabotage, which is a serious crime in Finland. The sentence of imprisonment is four months to four years.

Dan Roberts, security, security and port operations manager at Viking Line, said the company is taking the matter seriously.

“What we want to determine most is how this person can ignite his clothes. But in general, we don’t have to take too many (new) measures beyond our normal safety procedures,” Roberts said.

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