Find out what lingerie women really want ahead of Valentine’s Day

Think you know what women want?
It’s no exaggeration to say that men can struggle to read women’s minds. Often, you
think you’ve got it right… only to discover that you’ve missed the point

Choosing lingerie for Valentine’s Day is an obvious example. What you want isn’t
necessarily what your other half has in mind! Well, you no longer have to feel like
Jon Snow.

The lovely people at our sister site HER have done the legwork for you by doing a
lingerie poll with its readers ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Lidl may not be an obvious place to find some sexy underwear for your other half
but they’ve released a stylish line of lingerie ahead of Valentine’s Day. The
supermarket giant’s Esmara line features everything from bra sets to silk dressing
gowns and you get great quality with a Lidl price tag.

The poll asked women which of these three sets they preferred. We’ll give you a
second to see what you think before we reveal the findings.

Seven out of 10 women opted for the second set so we’ll take that as a resounding
vote of confidence. So if you are thinking of picking up some lingerie for your
other half, you know what to get!

To see the full range of Esmara lingerie, as modelled by Nadia Forde, check out
Lidl Romeo.

There are some fantastic Valentine’s Day gift options available that your other
half will love. The Esmara range is available now in all 149 Lidl stores


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