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How to Wear A Camel Trench Coat?

camel trench coat

The camel trench coat is a popular dress option as it lends just the necessary dose of glamour and provides a classy and stylish look to your outfit. A camel trench coat is a variety of coat which is made from water proof and heavy duty cotton leather, gabardine drill or poplin. The trench coat was originally designed as clothing accessory for army officers and the influence is evident from the styling. There are a number of ways in which you can combine and blend your camel trench coat to look good and attractive. Let us have a look.

Wearing the camel trench to make a style statement

There are a number of ways in which you can combine the camel trench coat with different clothing accessories to nail that perfect look. If you are looking for a formal appearance then the camel trench coat is a great option to go with. The camel trench coat is a popular style and these coats make any of the outfits look incredibly classy. You can find the camel trench coat in a number of different fabric materials – from heavy wool to light cotton – depending on your requirements based on the current weather in the region you live in.

For a formal look you can go with the coat with the belt which lends a traditional touch to the style of your coat. You must then purchase a camel peacoat that can be either formal or casual. The medium length or size of coat looks attractive on both the shorter and taller people. You must pair the camel peacoat with the jeans and go with untucked button-down style for the casual look or alternatively wear pants and the tie or dress for a formal occasion.

You can go with biker or bomber jacket for the casual styling. The biker and bomber jackets are traditionally available in the black leather choices and you can also find the camel trench versions. These jackets have short cut endings towards the waist and the zips or angular flaps are different for bomber and biker jackets respectively. Both of these jackets go along well with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers or boots.

You must choose the suit jacket or blazer for the indoor formal occasions. You can add matching pants to the blazer jacket or choose to wear it with the navy pants for fascinating color contrast. You can team it with button-down shirt and ensure jacket fits smoothly.

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