Rihanna talks about underwear, her physical enthusiasm and her “fight” with social media.

Last year, Vogue writer Hamish Bowles asked Rihanna about important plans for her fashion brand in an interview. “I know where to go next,” she said. “But I can’t tell you. Is there anything fun about this?”

After her Savage x Fenty lingerie show at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard last night, Rihanna’s strategy was clear: she plans to expand the fashion world and also make it lost.

She also wants to entertain herself. “I feel bored. I feel very bored,” Rihanna said after the show. “You know, it’s like a pair of shoes. They won’t be good until tomorrow.”

The singer and designer have demonstrated an eclectic personal style, turning an ever-present wine glass into an accessory and a young designer wearing new clothes on the Pratt Institute’s music video.

With her last year’s fragrance line, Fenty Beauty, she created a truly diverse make-up brand that offers dozens of shades in the chromatogram range.

Now, perhaps in the counterattack against Victoria’s secret, Rihanna did the same thing for underwear. Yes, super models including Gigi and Bella Hadid appeared. But this series is more about showing women of all sizes and races, including two models that are obviously pregnant.

Raisa Thomas, a 26-year-old makeup artist and large-size model, said she was “attacked by an actor in the DM” and ended in the show. She said she appreciates how Rihanna diversified the fashion industry.

Ms. Thomas said: “She puts it on the map to make people inclusive.” ” Plus size, white, black. It is good for young women to see different types of people in fashion shows.”
The crowd is also more diverse than typical celebrities and fashion regulars, many of whom are on their way to the airport for flights to Europe.

As for the lost direction, the presentation rarely pays attention to the fashion show agreement. The models suddenly appeared in dim light until the crowd noticed that the show really started; then the phone was smashed.

The elevated stage is more installed than the runway, with a pond, a “growth station” and a plant dome filled with tropical plants that block the line of sight. Unless you move around the room (no seats), you miss half the look. Compared with the performance art works, the atmosphere is not so gauze show gawkfest, the model moves in slow motion, crawling on all fours, performing intense dance moves.

Rihanna said in the background that the concept is about mixing organic things with futurism, “or what we want to see in the future. Women celebrate in all forms and all sizes and all races and cultures.”
She added: “It is a shame that women have to feel unsafe or self-conscious about their bodies.”
Despite her success with Puma’s sportswear collection, this year’s apparel brand has not been on display. Her show during New York Fashion Week seems to be more a product of a convenient schedule, in the same week as her Diamond Ball fundraising evening. People want to know where she will start.

When asked about her entering the underwear, Rihanna said, “I want to do this, I want to be right, I hope it can be respected. So I spent a lot of time.”

She is still “shocked,” she said, and the industry has made her take the designer seriously. “I know where I am. I am brand new. I am learning and growing. I like to create. I like this process.”
Rihanna is not very enthusiastic about the brand building, especially through social media. She called Instagram “the death of the trend,” and her recent heavy use of Snapchat has cooled.
“I think it helps brands, it’s a way to communicate your activities and new products to your fans and the world,” Rihanna added before adding. “What you really want to share and people care. There is a dispute between the content of the content.”

She smiled. “I respect it. But, you know, I won’t put every meal I put on it.

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