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Highly recommend 5 Popilush shapewear with good results!

Hey guys, how are you?

Hope so. Today we will talk about the modelers that give the most results among the options that we have on the Popilush website. I want to say here that they are beautiful and that I have chosen the ones again that I am most in love with. Because that’s the only way we can create sweeping trends.

Let’s talk first about the long sleeve thong bodysuit, which as the name says are longer and better define each person. I leave the tip here that on the site there are those that have a firmer model and others that are lighter, so for whatever you want, check which one fits best ok?

The Square Neck Short Sleeve Thong Bodysuit that we have above is more resistant and has a sleeve that looks like a t-shirt and that you can use as a garment for every day. It helps both to define and has several other facilities.

One of these facilities is that it is easy to clean and has an extra layer of mesh that helps with modeling. Another very interesting point that I noticed is that it has a closure that makes it easier to use the bathroom. Yes, because it would be very complicated at all times if you had to keep opening and closing it to remove it, right?

The second one that we are going to talk is the Square Neck Thong Bodysuits that have 3 types of sleeves that you can choose according to your preference and leave what you most want shaped. Thus having the best result you need.

The third onte is the Soft Modal Lounge Midi Built-In Shaping Slip Dress this dress, in addition to defining the waist and hips, manages to press the belly and makes your body more modeled. So it brings great results.

Now let’s talk about the shapewear maxi dress, which is the dress I show below that defines the body in a sculptural way, but which also manages to give a look without needing another outfit.

As you can see, the Soft Modal Loungewear 8-in-1 Built-In Shapewear Maxi Dress also comes in gray, but can also be ordered in red, black, pink, blue and brown. Yes, this variety will help you choose how you are going to wear it and you can buy more than one at the same time to have an even greater variety of options with the same model of dress.

It has a built-in bra, which will not let your breasts show, thus giving more comfort. Its straps are adjustable and it has a wonderful waist control that you will notice as soon as you put it on.

It also has an incredible technology that helps to lift the butt and of course we women are going to love this technology anyway, right?! I recommend that you also put a jacket on top to give your look a more rock look and it will be perfect.

Now let’s talk about our wide crotch thong that defines horrors and you can even use it to sleep if you just call.

The Core Control Cheeky Wide Crotch Panties have a very comfortable tummy control that does not get too tight, but compresses enough to define your body in the best possible way. It also enhances the butt and hips, so it looks great wearing it when you put on pants.

With this, you can create several looks and have 100% comfort defining and bringing the best results you expect. Of course, these items that I brought here are just a few of the many others that are available on the site and you can see which one best suits what you want.

However, I leave here the tip of having more than one of these pieces in your closet so that you can have many other combinations and not get lost for the next choice.

I hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned for the next ones we’re going to bring here. Comment here if you liked it and also which of these items can’t be missed in your closet.

See you next time!

Enomi Wessman

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