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The introduction of Shapewear has made it possible for women to look slim and fit while remaining comfortable. Women often face difficulty while selecting a plus size body shaper that brings out the perfect curves and is comfortable at the same time.

With so many options available, it’s easy to become perplexed about which Shapewear is best for you. This article will guide you to find the greatest shapewear for plus-size women that will not only flatter your figure but also complement your body.

Know your measurements

Do not fall into the trap of guessing your body measurements according to your other clothes. The majority of women are unsure of their size. The purpose of Shapewear is to compress all of your weak muscles in order to give you a toned shape rather than to squeeze you up. Thus, buying a lesser size of Shapewear, contrary to popular belief, will cause more harm than good. We recommend you use a sizing chart before purchasing your first body shapewear.

Body Shapewear Myths

Don’t believe in the myth of buying a larger size. If you go for a larger size, chances are the shapewear will be more likely to roll down. It’s much advisable to buy your true size for a wonderfully smooth finish. You must check-out Durafits  full body shapewear, the materials used in the manufacturing these shapewears contain just enough stretch to keep you comfortable all day long.

Understanding Your Body Shape

Body shapewear is made to highlight the best features of your body. Shapewear should be chosen to complement your natural physique. It doesn’t matter what shape your body has, there’s always a shapewear to fit your needs. Research and understand your body shape and purchase your bodysuit shaper according to your needs.

Body Shapewear Compression Levels

Your desired outcomes or expectations from your body shapewear are directly impacted by the compression level you select while purchasing body shaping clothes. Thus, selecting the compression level is another key factor to examine while purchasing your shapewear. We have elaborated on different levels of shapewear compression levels to get a better idea.

Light Compression Shapewear

Buy shapewear with a light compression level if you are looking to merely smooth out your love handles and paunches. You can easily wear body shapers with a light compression level all day long without feeling uncomfortable.

Medium Compression Shapewear

Shapewear with a medium compression level is the best option If you want to highlight your curves. These shapewears can also be used for long hours while staying comfortable.

High Compression Shapewear

You are surely going to slay with your high compression shapewear but it’s not a good idea to wear them for long periods of time. High compression level shapewears are mostly preferable for special occasions only.


Shapewear provides you with an opportunity to experiment with new looks and styles. But always make sure you check the measurement table and pick the perfect shapewear size that appreciates your curves.

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