What Is The Smell of Your Favorite Perfume?

Finding your favorite smell in a perfume can be a very hard task. And you might end up having not just one but maybe two favorite perfumes. While we grow up, we end up changing our preferences too. For example, when we are younger, kids or teenagers, probably we tend to go towards floral and fruity smells.

And, as we get older, we start changing towards more mature fragrances. This being said, this doesn’t mean that if you really like floral or fruity you would stop getting them. You’ll just transition into more mature floral and fruity smells and brands.

We have to also be honest, once we grow up, we also want to get more designer and high-end brands too. Sometimes we buy some perfumes or fragrances to have for different occasions, but we always end up just going back to the same one.

In my case, it’s my Prada Candy Florale and Gabrielle Chanel. The first one, I use when I go on dates or when I meet my friends as it is flirty and youthful.  It definitively smells floral and has a citrusy hit that I always love.  I use the Gabrielle Chanel one when I feel like I want to be a Boss Babe and it’s a more serious environment I’m in. I still can use it on dates if I’m on a date. I just have to be in the mood.

I also have a lot more other fragrances that I haven’t used in a while, because what I liked when I was a bit younger changed with who I am now that I’ve grown up. At this date and age, I want to give another image, a more mature one. This is why, my other fragrances are there, ready to be used if I feel like doing so.

If you want to find what is your favorite which can be your favorite perfume if you don’t have one already, then I would recommend you go to a department store or a fragrance store and ask for those sample paper strips. Choose your favorite, and think about how you want to smell, and what idea would that smell give about you. Also, it is important that whenever you choose your favorite, you try it on your skin and check how long the smell lasts. This would mean, this fragrance goes well with your PH.

If you’re like me and have a little collection of fragrances and perfumes, but don’t know which one is your favorite. Then think about which one is the one you end up going to the most. Or another way is to check which one of those is emptier. The latest considering that they’ve been bought around the same time. You can’t just say, oh, this one is emptier, this is my favorite when you bought it like 5 years ago.

You’ll be able to notice the smells you like the most when it comes to fragrances too because you’ll be buying similar ones in different brands too. And whatever the smell of your favorite perfume is, make sure it is one that makes you happy.

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